Thursday, January 22, 2009

Perfecting Your Craft

Yesterday, I posted in my shop my newest handbag. I've already made several of these bags. The first one, I kept for myself, the second one is still in my store, the third one sold (to my sister), the fourth one was for a friend, and the fifth one is what got posted today. I'm pleased to say that by the fifth time, I've gotten it right! Its very exciting.

It all started one day in late October when I was hunting around the internet for some crochet patterns, way before I even thought of setting up shop. I discovered something called Entrelac Crochet, which I had never seen before. It used the principals of Tunisian crochet, which I had seen, but had never attempted. I loved how it looked so I went in search of patterns and instructions, but to know avail. I found one site with instructions and pictures for what was known as Entrelac in the Round. Basically it started in the middle and went round and round, which is fine but the edges come out looking like the edges of a postage stamp, which is a nice look for blankets. I then found more instructions on how to get the edges straight, but that was all. There were no patterns anywhere for any objects yet there were photos of clothing items, etc.

I decided that it would make a really cute purse so I hunted up and down for a pattern and found nothing. I had to go it on my own! That was daunting in itself. I'd never invented my own patterns before, and I didn't know where to start or what to do. I set out to make a flat envelope purse and had almost finished the body of it when I decided that I needed to make it stand up some how. I didn't want my purse tipping over. So I decided to add sides and I even cut the back off of a notebook to put on the bottom to give it some stability. I then lined it and added a braided handle held on by keyrings. It came out totally cute and I get a lot of compliments on it everytime I'm out. Its my best advertising peice. But it wasn't perfect.

But now, after 5 of them, I'm there. I have a whole step by step process, I know what type of purse handles to use, I know what step to start with and every step in a specific order until the end. And, yes, its been frustrating, but patience pays off and the end result has been great!
Here it is in my shop!

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